Why Intergi?

Our Customer Service

When you join the Intergi network, you will have our dedicated publisher relations team available at all times to personally assist you with the startup and daily functioning of your account.  Unlike other networks, when you contact us via telephone or email you will be in contact with a real, live person who will offer real-time solutions.  We take pride in our company by offering a full line of options for your site or network and prove ourselves through personalized customer service and support.



Our Advertisers

When you work with us, you can't beat the quality of our campaigns.  Advertisers know we only represent the best online gaming and entertainment sites and our massive presence in the gaming community makes us their premier choice.  Below are a snapshot of the high profile advertisers we have had the pleasure to work with.





Our Global Presence

Our reach does not stop in North America, we also serve display and custom site executions that run in Europe, Asia, South America and many other geo-locations to ensure no impression goes unmonetized.  For video campaigns, our reach spans worldwide with a 100% fill rate*. 



Our Technology

As an Intergi publisher your account is housed in the Intergi Publisher Management System.  This interface provides the ability for you to grab your Intergi ad tags, upload default tags, view all live campaigns and track all aspects of your account.  Our reporting system tracks impressions, revenue, eCPM, gives insight into your video strategy and allows you to break down each report by website or placement.  The Publisher Management System also gives you access to our video hosting and game syndication platforms.  Our ad serving and ad reporting technologies are backed by ADTECH – the ad serving platform of AOL.




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* - Only possible when using our video wrapper code. CLICK HERE to get started.