Video Ads

We are constantly working to create new technology and applications that help websites better monetize their content. Our video ad solution offers website publishers the benefit of high video CPMs and a simple integration of video ads before virutally any content including games, videos and downloads. 


Video ad technology   100% video fill rate with worldwide coverage
Video ad technology   Fully customizable implementation
Video ad technology   Premium gaming and entertainment targeted video ads
Video ad technology   Complete detailed analytics available in our publisher interface
Video ad technology   Playwire video platform available for all approved Intergi publishers for video encoding, hosting and built-in monetization.

Video Ad Examples















Our Video Technology

All videos are streamed and delivered in our state of the art video Playwire video player based on Adobe's Open Source Media Framework.  Our video technologies include:


Video ad technology   Playwire video platform providing video encoding, hosting, ad serving, syndication, analytics, video SEO and more.


Video ad technology   Flash & HTML5 for delivery on all platforms including iOS devices. 


Video ad technology   IAB VAST (1.0, 2.0) compliant for seamless interoperability. 


Video ad technology   IAB VPAID compliant for variable passing and user interaction.


Video ad technology   Secure tier one CDN for global speed and smooth playback.