Comprehensive Supply Side Video Platform

Intergi introduces the first ever Supply Side Video Platform – Playwire.  Playwire is unique because of all the aspects of online video that are offered in one place seamlessly.  Where you would normally need to work with 3 or 4 different companies to get the results you want - Intergi's video solution has solved this by bringing together all video resources in one application from video encoding and hosting to video syndication and ad management.



Introducing Playwire

Playwire offers a comprehensive supply side video platform specific to online content publishers.  Playwire offers unique and superior features specific to monetization and syndication of video content. With a built-in sophisticated ad serving platform, Playwire has a decision engine that takes numerous factors into consideration including: CPM, tags, categories, time & geographic location to optimize your advertising revenue.


 Playwire - Video supply side platform