We offer exclusive, joint and network level representation.  All publishers receive a log-in to our publisher management system and are assigned a publisher manager to look over their account.  Whether you want us to completely represent you or need help filling inventory we have the right level of representation for you.



The Levels


Exclusive Site Representation:


With Intergi as your exclusive sales force you will have access to the largest advertising agencies and advertisers in the world. We handle all aspects of the sales process from pitching your site, trafficking ad tags, and deployment. You will be assigned an account manager who assists you with all aspects of the setup process, keeps you up to speed on any current and future programs, and assists you with all your questions or concerns. 

Upon approval of Exclusive Site Representation, we will work with you to create customized marketing materials to be used in our sales initiatives. 


Some additional benefits of Exclusive Site Representation include:


          •     Increased revenue-share

          •     Cutting edge optimization capabilities

          •     Robust ad-serving technology

          •     No ad-serving fees

          •     Global sales force

          •     Account manager

          •     Ad-trafficking

          •     Detailed report analytics via Intergi Publisher Management System


Contact us for more information on Exclusive Site Representation.



Joint Representation:


You still want to maintain control of your day-to-day ad inventory but prefer to outsource direct site-specific programs?  Intergi has put together a plan that is just for you!


Under Joint Representation, Intergi acts as your outside sales force for all site-specific advertising programs. Intergi's sales team will promote your site to advertising agencies for all site-specific media buys including custom site executions, display banner takeovers and more while you maintain control over your remnant inventory. Watch as Intergi transforms your site(s) into a dynamic media environment that is both highly interactive as well as engaging for your audience.  Don't forget to look forward to the increased revenue you will earn as a result of our higher paying ad placements.  Lastly, you can still take advantage of all our network level programs that Intergi always has to offer.


Contact us for more information on Joint Representation.



Network Level Representation:


As a network level publisher of Intergi, we can help fill your inventory by running our ad tags alongside other ad providers that you work with.  It is your decision as to which ads to run and what CPM you want to earn. You will have access to our Intergi Publisher Management system where you will be able to view daily impressions served, revenue earned, generate ad tags and more. 


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