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Intergi makes it easy for publishers to maximize revenue for their online advertising.  By leveraging our longstanding relationships in gaming and entertainment we are able to deliver relevant, targeted ad campaigns to you and your users. Let Intergi provide you with the ads you've always wanted to see on your website, and the revenue you deserve.


Our global presence allows 100% ad fill of your inventory in every country. Our video ad solution offers website publishers the benefit of high video CPMs and a simple integration of video ads before virtually any content including games, videos and downloads. We also offer every ad format in Display, Video, Mobile and Custom Executions.


We know gaming and work with hundreds of the top entertainment brands to create and deliver tailored ad programs your users want to see.



Snapshot of Partnered Sites:

Site representation for Sony Online Entertainment Site representation for Ubisoft Site representation for Blizzard Entertainment
Site representation for BigPoint Site representation for MLG Site representation for Armor Games
Site representation for Inc Gamers site representation for Nexon site representation for VG Chartz
Site representation for Exclusive site representation for GameZone site representation for Turbine