SYFY: Faceoff


SyFy Faceoff Launch Demo



Campaign Background & Goals:


Syfy's Face Off Challenge sponsored by Gamezone helped promote the 2nd upcoming season of Syfy's make-up/ special effects reality show, Face Off.  Contestants submitted their best "face off" creation through the "Transform the Web" app (Intergi's Mayhem Unit).  The unit was part of the campagin and allowed users to click on any image on the web and create their own masterpiece using custom themes and assests.


The campaign objective was to drive tune-ins and maximize ratings for the premiere episode of Face Off Season.  Other campaign goals included to mirror and portray the unique make-up transformations through innovative executions and to drive traffic to the Syfy website.






SyFy Faceoff Campagin Deliverables Mayhem Unit:


     - Bookmark app that allowed users to transform any image on the web

     - Users could save and submit their creation to the official Syfy contest


SyFy Faceoff Campagin Deliverables Contest Landing Page:


     - Official contest information, rules & regulations

     - Bookmark link to the Syfy "Transform the Web"  app


SyFy Faceoff Campagin Deliverables Featured Editorial on


     - "Make-up Magic in Video Games"

     - Custom Syfy product page


SyFy Faceoff Campagin Deliverables Takeovers:


     - Expandable Rich Media Overlay

     - GameZone Group

     - Major League Gaming Network 

     - Armor Games Homepage

     - GameZone Feature Editorial Page


SyFy Faceoff Campagin Deliverables Pre-roll Video:


     - 30 sec. Face Off season premier trailer

     - Ran on a cost per completed view

     - Targeted to sci-fi/fantasy gaming


SyFy Faceoff Campagin Deliverables  Rich Media Banners: Custom Channel