Sony Pictures: The Green Hornet

Sony Pictures: The Green Hornet launch demo



Campaign Background and Goals:


Based on the classic radio super hero from the 1930's, The Green Hornet is an action packed comedy released in 2011.  The Blu-ray DVD campaign aimed to promote the brand and increase sales through long and short video with contextual targeting.





Green Hornet Deliverables  Custom homepage overlay:


- Distorted homepage to display animated 1280 x 800 unit

- Ran on


Green Hornet Deliverables  Video MEGAstitial:


- 30 sec. Green Hornet Blu-ray movie trailer

- Click-through to the official Green Hornet website


Green Hornet Deliverables  Takeovers: 


- Skin

- Synched roadblock

- Ran on GameZone Group


Green Hornet Deliverables  Featured editorial on


- "Green with Envy: The Beautiful Car of The Green Hornet"



Green Hornet Deliverables  Targeted Banners: Intergi Core Gaming


- In-banner video (medium rectangle)

- Standard banners