Turtlebeach: Holiday Giveaway

Turtlebeach Holiday Give Away


Campaign Background & Goals:


The Turtle Beach Holiday Giveaway was a sponsored sweepstakes promoting "The Ultimate MW3 Experience" through branded Turtle Beach giveaway contest. Five lucky prize winners received Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Turtle Beach Foxtrot Headsets as well as a PS3 and Xbox 360 for the two grand prize winners. The campaign objective was to promote brand awareness and increase sales of the Foxtrot wireless headsets through a holiday event.





SyFy Faceoff Campagin Deliverables Promotional Sweepstakes:


     - Contest Landing Page

     - Prizes provided by Intergi

     - Promoted with banners across custom channels


SyFy Faceoff Campagin Deliverables MEGAstitial: Click-through to official Turtle Beach website


SyFy Faceoff Campagin Deliverables Takeovers:


     - Skin

     - Pushdown titlebar unit

     - 300 x 250 banner

     - Ran on GameZone group for 3 non-consecutive days


SyFy Faceoff Campagin Deliverables Featured Editorial on GameZone Group:


     - Turtlebeach product preview & review


SyFy Faceoff Campagin Deliverables  Targeted Banners: PS3, Xbox 360 & PC channels:


     - Roadblocks 

     - Standard banners