EA: Reckoning




Campaign Background and Goals:


Set in the Kingdoms of Amalur, Reckoning is a a ground breaking RPG offering an unrivaled experience including combat, free-form skill development and an open, dynamic world to the single-player RPG experience.  Campaign objective was to raise awareness and introduce Reckoning to the RPG gaming population.  Other goals included: driving gameplays to the game demo and reaching a larger audience of action gamers.





Reckoning Campaign Deliverables  Video Pre-roll:


     - 30 sec. Reckoning game trailer

     - Content targeted: Intergi Core Gaming


Reckoning Campaign Deliverables  Takeovers:


     - Skin

     - Video dropdown titlebar

     - Synched roadblock

     - Ran on GameZone Group (3 days)


Reckoning Campaign Deliverables  Targeted Banners: Custom Channel


     - Editorial roadblock

     - In-banner video 300 x 250

     - Standard banners