Chevy: 2012 Super Bowl

Chevy Super Bowl Game Contest


Campaign Background & Goals:


Chevy's Epic 2012 Game Contest was sponsored by Armor Games.  Three games were created by Intergi and hosted on the Armor Games website where users could play each game and vote for the best one.  After users beat the game they had access to watch Chevy's 2012 Super Bowl commercial before it aired.  The winning game was featured on Armor Games and Chevy's social media channels on Super Bowl Sunday.  The campaign objective was to drive awareness consideration & positive sentiment around the Chevrolet brand for the Super Bowl.


Campaign goals included:


1. Create 1st or 3rd player casual driving game that re-creates the Super Bowl 2012 commercial

2. Game creation, hosting and promotion

3. Drive game plays throughout the flight.





Chevy Campagin Deliverables Three Flash Games:


     1. Check Point Chase

     2. Silverado Apocalypse Blaster

     3. Truck Attack


Chevy Campagin Goals Contest Landing Page:


     - Official contest information

     - Daily updates

     - Game rating tracker

     - Countdown for contest and Super Bowl XLVI


Chevy Campagin Goals In-game Video Trailer: 2012 Chevy Super Bowl Commercial Teaser


Chevy Campagin Goals Takeover:


     - 3 hosted games

     - Armor Games Homepage site-skin

     - Armor Games Gameplay page site-skin 

     - Site news article


Chevy Campagin Goals Social Media: Daily callouts on Armor Games' Facebook & Twitter.


Chevy Campagin Goals Standard Banners: Custom Channel