Ourwork_faceoff SYFY: Faceoff

Contest, Mayhem, Editorial, Takeovers, Pre-roll Video

Ourwork_chevy Chevy: 2012 Super Bowl

Game Creation, Contest, Pre-roll Video, Takeovers, Social Media

Ourwork_spartacus Starz: Spartacus Vengeance

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Ourwork_rio Rio

Video Overlay & Trailer Launcher, Game Hosting, Video Pre-roll, Takeovers

Ourwork_degree Degree For Men: Adrenaline

Mayhem, Game Hosting, Pre-roll Video, MEGAstitial, Takeovers, Roadblocks

Ourwork_greenhornet Sony Pictures: The Green Hornet

Video MEGAstitial, Site Takeover with Overlay, Editorial, Monster Roadblock

Ourwork_turtlebeach Turtlebeach: Holiday Giveaway

Sweepstake, Takeovers, MEGAstitial, Editorials

Ourwork_reckoning EA: Reckoning

Pre-roll Video, Takeovers

Ourwork_cod Activision: Call of Duty

Video Overlay, Takeovers, Pre-roll Video, Video Pushdown bar

Ourwork_spacemarine THQ: Space Marine

Mayhem, MEGAstitial, Takeovers, Pre-roll Video

Ourwork_skyrim Bethesda: Skyrim

Takeovers, Pre-roll Video, Video Pushdown Bar, Video MEGAstitial

Ourwork_alienware Alienware: Movie Contest

Sponsorship, Video Contest, Game Launcher, Social Media, Flash Rotator