Bring Your Brand To Life

Our fully customizable video solution combines all aspects of online video: the platform, player, network and top tier publishers.  With powerful video targeting technologies and the top sites in the gaming and entertainment verticals, our video solution allows advertisers to achieve campaign goals with the ultimate efficiency.



Our Video Profile

With 10 million video ads serving per day, Intergi Video can help syndicate your video across more than 8,000 premium video content sites from both Intergi and the Playwire network.  All of our video sites undergo strict third party screening to ensure quality control, brand safety and true content integration.  


Our video types include:



Video ad formats Pre-roll


Video ad formats Mid-roll


Video ad formats Post-roll

Video Formats Pre-game/app


Video ad formats In-game/app


Video ad formats        Incentivized video

Video ad formats Custom Video


Video ad formats Long form video 


Video ad formats Promotional video






True Content Targeting

Intergi Video allows you to content target by specific video channel or video category as well as traditional targeting methods including: demographics, geo location, time, day, site, tags & more.  Our video analytics provide detailed reports with insight into views, completion rates and conversions.  All video statisitics and performance analytics are powered by ADTECH.



Video Syndication

Got a long form video or trailer?  Distribute your video to over 5,000 brand safe gaming and entertainment websites within the Intergi publisher network.  Our video distribution process allows you to syndicate to every website in the network or target by channel, website or tags.  Websites can embed your video within true content including editorials, video features, interviews and more. 



Our Video Technology

All videos are streamed and delivered in our state-of-the-art video player based on Adobe's Open Source Media Framework.  Our video player technologies include:



Video ad technology   Flash & HTML5 for delivery on all platforms including iOS devices. 


Video ad technology   IAB VAST (1.0, 2.0) compliant for seamless interoperability. 


Video ad technology   IAB VPAID compliant for variable passing and catching user data.


Video ad technology   Secure tier one CDN for global speed and smooth playback.