Game Creation

Looking for true engagement and interaction with your userbase?  What better way to connect with a gaming audience then with a game? At the Intergi Game Lab we work with you to create a custom experience that allows users to connect and engage with your brand over and over again.


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The Intergi Game Lab

Whether you have an idea or already have a custom game, we provide custom game solutions for every step of the way from game development to hosting and syndication.  There is no better way to yeild a higher engagement rate than submersing your brand in a game.


Custom Game Creation  CREATE:  Bring your brand to life, or second life we should say, with a custom brand game.  At the Intergi Game Lab our flash developers work with you to create your brand game from scratch for a truly interactive brand experience.


Game Hosting  HOST:  Host your games with us and get in touch with the audience of gamers you want to reach.


Custom game syndication   SYNDICATE:  Syndicate your brand game to over 5,000 of our websites through the Intergi Game Sandbox.  Our Game Sandbox is a syndication tool where all Intergi publishers have access to receive and embed new game content. 



Brand Game Examples

CHEVY:  Custom brand game creations for the Chevy Super Bowl 2012 Apocalypse Game Contest.  Games included Checkpoint Chase,  Silverado Apocalypse Blaster & Truck Attack.

Checkpoint Chase:


Custom Brand Game: Chevy Checkpoint Chase



Silverado Apocalypse Blaster:


Custom Brand Game Creation


Truck Attack:


Custom Brand Game Creation