Brand Strategy

Intergi helps tailor your brand strategy to uniquely deliver your message through engaging campaigns that naturally attract the attention of your target audience.


Unify Your Message

Ranked #1 by comScore with over 160 million unique users, Intergi gives you the tools to convey a message that directly resonates with your core and target audiences.  Integrate your brand within authentic communities of gamers and entertainment buffs through our exclusively owned and operated sites.  Syndicate your campaign across our partnered sites and specific channels to create one unified message.


These communities prefer to be highly engaged and welcome unique advertising methods that add value to the overall user experience and make content more enjoyable.



Custom Creations

Let us incorporate custom creations into your brand strategy. Our in-house production team works directly with you to develop custom creations that invite engagement and interaction from consumers online and offline.  Custom units include but are never limited to:


Custom Ad Solutions  Custom Skins


Custom Ad Solutions  Topple Unit


Custom Ad Solutions  Video Overlay


Custom Ad Solutions  Video Wall


Custom Ad Solutions  Video Buster Bar

Custom Ad Solutions  Mayhem Unit


Custom Ad Solutions MEGAstitial


Custom Ad Solutions  Advertorial


Custom Ad Solutions  Game Creation/Hosting


Custom Ad Solutions  Game Syndication



Mayhem Unit - Make An Impact


An additional branding opportunity comes through our customized Mayhem unit which consists of a Bookmark that users add to their browser from an custom ad unit.  Once installed, users can then create "mayhem" or any action, across any website of their choice.  A unique aspect of this execution is that the user can always access the mayhem unit at any point in the future.  It will never expire.  This feature creates a longlasting customer brand interactioncontinual brand awareness even after the campaign has finished.


Mayhem Package Includes:


Custom Ad Solutions Custom Promotional Ad Unit


Custom Ad Solutions Bookmark Application


Custom Ad Solutions Initial Full Page Overlay (optional)


Custom Ad Solutions On-click Element Animation



Sponsorships & Contests

What's better than your target audience directly interacting with your brand?  Our community of engaged gaming and entertainment enthusiasts love to compete and get involved.  The possibilities are endless, let Intergi bring your contest or sponsorship to life!



Sponsorships and Contests